I hear the secrets that you keep…

when you’re singing in your sleep.

Here is a perfect, crystallized example of the give and take of parenthood.

This morning, Brady woke up at 5 for some unknown reason. He doesn’t do it often and usually when he wakes in the night I go in and cover him up or whatever and he’s fine. But this morning he was standing up and flipping out. It was cold in his room and he wouldn’t lay back down, so I picked him up and brought him to bed with me.

He went right back to sleep, but he’s a very restless, twitchy sleeper so I never really got back to sleep myself. At some point during the morning he started singing the goodbye song from our swim class…”We’re gonna clap our hands and say goodbye, we’re gonna clap our hands and say goodbye…” and clapping his hands.

I shushed him to go back to sleep, but when I looked over at him his eyes were closed and after those two lines he didn’t make a peep. He was asleep the whole time! It was too precious and it’s been making me smile all day long. That one little thing made the loss of sleep 100% worth it!


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