Although my last post claims that I had found some perspective, I am still going to complain. Despite my efforts to remind myself that people have it worse than me in the world – I was still miserable lying there with my wide-awake 2-year-old between 4 and 6:30 this morning. I don’t deal well with situations I have zero control over or with not getting enough sleep and being exhausted while my child lies there wide awake for absolutely no discernible reason is probably tops on my list of least favorite things.

The husband is away for work until Monday night and I’m super-duper lucky to have my in-laws close so I’ll get a break on Saturday night, but it still really weighs on me to be on my own with Brady. Some moms do this all the time, some do it every week, and a lot of them do it with a lot more grace than I do. I have never been a person who did well with being alone. I didn’t even like having my own room for the one year in college that I did. I like having someone else to back me up and I thrive on that partnership, so aside from being the sole kid-keeper while hubby is away, I also feel adrift just because he isn’t here.

So I’m just gonna have to suck it up, be the mama, and get through till Monday night.

I wish he was doing this last night!


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  1. Not sleeping is tough. Have you considered one of those night lights that you can set to change from the moon to the sun when it’s time to get up? That way you can tell Brady that he can’t get out of his bed until the sun comes up. A lot easier than teaching them how to read a clock!

  2. I actually did look into those. We tried telling him he couldn’t get out of bed until the sun was out and he just ignored that. It’s so tough with him! He’s usually a great sleeper with no problems, he just goes through these phases. I just wish this one hadn’t happened while Eric was away!

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