Big Boy Bed? Um, No thanks…

So, after the lovely night that I described in my previous post – I got an even more fun experience the next night. He woke up at 2:15 and, determined not be suckered this time, I checked him, tucked him in, told him to go to sleep, and went back to bed.

He screamed for me and over the monitor I hear this, “Mooooooomy, Mooooooomy!!!! Oooo, uuugh, oooo, SMACK! -door opens-, I’m COOOOOOMMMMMMIN!” and then I open my eyes to see Brady standing in front of me in my room! I cracked up at the time. It was so cute and funny! But when he proceeded to stay awake for the next 4 and a half – yes FOUR AND A HALF! hours. It ceased to be cute or funny very quickly.  I even tried putting him back in his crib once and he climbed back out in a second.

So after that super night, my in-laws took him on Saturday and I relaxed a bit and got a good night’s sleep – THANK GOD! Because on Sunday I had Brady demonstrate his escape skills in front of me and quickly determined that it was not safe at all! My father-in-law and I took apart the crib and I made Brady a bed on the floor with his crib mattress and blankets.

It’s been rough to say the least. I’m having flashbacks to having a newborn with the amount of sleep I’ve been getting. Although the husband returned from his trip on Monday night, he’s still been working super long hours. Brady finally went to sleep at a decent hour in his own bed last night and stayed there all night! A major victory! But he did wake up for a few hours in the middle there which totally blew.

And although I didn’t expect it, his climbing out of the crib and getting a “big boy bed” have hit me hard. I’m missing my baby. Where in the world did he go? And who is this little boy who’s living with me? He even undressed himself before his bath last night and only needed a little help getting the shirt over his head. He’s growing up!

His real “big boy bed” should arrive next week and we’ve been trying to get him excited about it, even if I’m really not.

My big boy in his big big bed!


2 responses

  1. My son (2.5yrs) just realized he could leave his bed a couple of months ago. It’s a whole new take on the newborn waking up at night. Instead of rocking them you have to talk them back into bed. What I find gets the best results, even if it’s not 100% at all, is sitting at the foot of his bed till he falls asleep. It will usually take about 40 minutes, because he is tired, but is fighting that urge to play. You just can’t let him leave the bed.

  2. I think our problem was changing his whole routine. We went back to his old routine and the only difference is that he goes into his bed instead of his crib. Worked the last two nights (fingers crossed). We just keep putting him back in the bed. It’s tough once they can escape!!

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