Enough with winter!

I am NOT a very wintery person. I like the occasional snowstorm and I do like the changing of the seasons, but I would be perfectly happy with about 2 weeks of winter per year. Just enough for Christmas season and then we can be done with it.

While we haven’t been burdened with the enormous amounts of snow that some people (my  mom and sister included) have this winter, I am still SO over it. I’m tired of hats and coats and mittens and coming up with indoor activities and gray, gray, gray days. I want sunshine and green grass!

And we’ve also been hit by that home stretch, last-of-winter sickness. The husband was sick all last week and even had a fever and the boy has been battling a nasty cold. He is snotty and icky and coughing and miserable and it breaks my heart.

When he’s sick I enter this world of anticipation for his being well again. I’m on edge until the snot stops running and his voice is clear again and he runs around like a maniac. I know I’ve got years of little boy sickness ahead of me, but I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to it.

It’s almost March so BRING ON SPRING – bright sun, warm temps, long walks, playground playing, and healthy people in my house!


2 responses

  1. Hmmm. Well, we’ve been baking. I use mixes so it’s easier for him to help me. I let him pour ingredients into the bowl and stir. And this is awful, but we play games on the computer. I try to find games that we both like and that use color matching or shape matching or something. But sometimes I just play games that I think are fun and make him laugh.
    And the usual finger painting, playdough playing, coloring, etc.
    Oh and making up stories about his toys. He loves that! We make up stories about his Cars cars and Thomas trains and sometimes he’ll play them out.
    Mostly we try to hang out with friends and come up with activities for the kids to do together.
    I’m not very creative at all:( I look at those “Activities for Toddlers” books and just don’t get it. And yet I’m supposed to be a writer!
    What do you guys do?

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