Lately, life around here has been a series of negotiations. I have to start at least a half hour before something has to be done to allow time for arguments. Example: we need to be somewhere at a specific time, i.e. class.

We begin at 9:15 to leave at 10:00. First we negotiate taking off the pajamas and once we have accomplished that we move to putting on clothes. Then we have to decide what toys to bring along, and get into actually (God forbid!) walking out the door. Finally we have to get the coat on and get into the stroller.

It starts like this:

Me: We need to go soon, let’s get dressed.

B: No! I’m not gettin dressed, I’m just stayin home.

Me: Don’t you want to go to class?

B: No. I’m just stayin home.

I take off his pajamas and then he screams, “Noooooo don’t do it, don’t do it, don’t do it. I want my jamas! I want my jamas! Noooooooo!!!” After which I put him in his room and let him scream until he wants to be nice and then we move onto putting new clothes on.

It is EXHAUSTING! I really can’t wait until it’s warm out so that at least he’s wearing less to bed and has to put on less to get out the door. That will make it so much easier.

And though all these fights are wearing me down, Brady still seems to fit enough cuteness into each day to make me forget about it.

The cutest little baker around!


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  1. I have to tell you…you are making me nervous for the talking stage! Cameron is ALREADY stubborn. I have no doubt that I will quickly become an expert in negotiation. Or she will..

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