This is hard

Sometimes life is hard. It is a fact and hard times happen to everyone. But that doesn’t really make it any easier to take.

When I moved to NYC nearly (gasp!) nine years ago I made an agreement with my now-husband. I would move up to New York with him despite his having been laid off with the dot-com bust and being out of work, if he would let me get a cat. He said as soon as I had a job, we had a deal. So I got a job within 2 weeks and the weekend after I started we went to the adoptions at the pet store.

There were a bunch of kittens there, but most of them had ear mites and we didn’t want to deal with that. Three kittens were healthy brown tabbies, two boys and girl. The girl was tiny and cute – the runt. The husband had to have her and so we took her home. She didn’t stay tiny for long and by the time she was a year she weighed 15lbs!

Lola is standoffish, moody, and uppity. But she always uses the litter box, doesn’t scratch things, doesn’t jump on tables, and never tries to eat our food. She’s been our baby since we first moved in together. She was pissed at us when we first brought that other baby home and was certainly less than happy when it started crawling around after her and then walking and then running after her. But she is always nice to him and only swipes at him when he deserves it.

But now our first baby is sick. We’re still waiting for the biopsy results, but the vet is pretty positive that she has lymphoma. We talked over options with him and have decided to do outpatient chemo with her. Yes, chemo…on a cat. But it’s not like chemo the way we normally picture it. She’ll take pills at home and won’t have many side effects. The vet assures us he’s seen great results with this in cats and that she may live another 2 years because of it. But she will die from this.

So it’s been a hard week. Not only do we have to face our first baby being sick, and having to give her medication for the rest of her life, and having to pay for that medication for the rest of her life, but we also have to take care of our other baby and his reaction to it. He’s upset that his Wowa is sick. He freaked out when we took her to the vet for her biopsy and didn’t bring her back right away. He’s more perceptive that I even realized and has been telling everyone. “Wowa  is not feeling so well. Mommy takes her to the doctor. He will check her and make her better.”

Boy do I wish it were that easy.

A rare moment of togetherness.

Lola got a bandaid at the hospital.


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  1. Oh, I’m so sorry! It’s the worst when pets are sick, isn’t it? They can’t talk and you know that something is wrong. Our dog is almost 5 and Jeremy commented the other day that he can’t imagine life without Charlie. I hope that the medicate works well for Lola.

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