Taking the plunge

So, dependent upon Lola’s health, the husband and I will be taking our first ever trip without the Brady. We’re planning on going to Puerto Rico from Wednesday morning until Saturday morning while Brady takes his own vacation to Nonna and Nonno’s house.

He ADORES going to their place and sometimes cries when he has to leave, so I’m sure he’ll have a blast, but I can’t help being anxious about leaving him for that long. We’ll be away from him for 4 nights! And we have the added stress of leaving Lo when we’re still unsure of how she’s doing.

Lola’s initial bloodwork after starting the chemo had a mixed result. The medication is fighting the cancer cells and she certainly seems 1000 times better than she did a month ago…but the chemo may also be affecting her red blood cells. She goes for another test tomorrow and we’ll get the results on Tuesday. If they’re good, she can stay on this course of meds and we’re off to PR! If they’re not-so-good, we have to discuss other treatment options. Which blows. Because it means that even though this treatment is working, it’s hurting her and we can’t continue and because we’ll most likely have to cancel our trip.

And of course, the stress of the sick kitty, and the sick kitty’s affect on Brady, and the cost of the sick kitty means that we need a break more than ever.

We shall see. I’m dreaming of lying on the beach and walking  through the streets of Old San Juan. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my dream comes true!


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