Because we don’t have room for a tricycle, we had been considering getting a scooter for Brady instead. When one of his best friends got one for his birthday this weekend and they were on sale at the toy store, we decided to go for it. It was a great decision.

We got him a Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter and it’s great. His two little best friends both have the same one. He was so excited when he saw it. We went to the bike store and got him a helmet and he did a dance in the store while we were paying. Then he scooted down the sidewalk to the park. It took about 45 minutes to go 3 avenues, but it was so much fun. I swear I was having as much fun as he was!

By the time we got there he was almost too exhausted to scoot anymore. He slept awesome last night and then was up and ready to go for a scoot-a-thon with his friends at Central Park this morning. The three of them had a great time scooting along the paths, having races, and pretending to oil and gas-up their scooters. I think they like the helmets as much as the scooters too! We won’t have a problem with safety wear with these three.

I’m loving his scooter! It’s so much fun to see him enjoying something so much. What really struck me is how much of little kid he seems with his helmet and his scooter. My little baby is a baby no more!

And to top it off he peed in the potty last night! He was naked after his bath and the potty seat was sitting out. He went over and asked “can I pee in this?” We told him yes, of course! So he sat down and peed. Who knew how exciting urination could be! We did a dance afterward to celebrate.

Oh the joys of parenthood! They are seldom what you expect them to be.

I'm scooting!

The wheels need oil


2 responses

  1. They really do grow up so quickly, don’t they (sniff, sniff)? Cameron is now walking all over the place and even refuses to hold my hand. At least she still lets me scoop her up and cover her in kisses. I already dread the day when she wiggles away and wants nothing to do with me. OK, now I’m officially depressed 🙂

  2. thank you d. this looks really good. i just ordered one for my grandson who will be 2 in september, but i think i’ll save it for christmas.

    when his daddy was little we got them tricycles, but the first thing ever was a banana on wheels… at least that’s what i called it. they loved that banana! (^_^)

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