Why Nick Jr., why?

Let me preface this by saying, as I’ve said before, YES I let my kid watch tv. I’m cool with it. He doesn’t watch all day. We spend most of the day doing cool things like playing outside, doing puzzles, drawing, playing cars and trains, and reading. He is active and stimulated and doesn’t stand mindlessly in front of the tube like a zombie. So, here we go…

Why oh why would a channel directed at preschool children change up the schedule? Why shake up the fragile worlds of 2 to 5-year-old children needlessly? Why punish us parents who do not heed the studies saying that television is evil and instead allow our precious offspring to enjoy the wonders of Yo Gabba Gabba and Pinky Dinky Doo?

It makes no sense to me. Brady’s morning works very well on the Elmo, Pinky, and Jack schedule. Sesame Street is on PBS at 7:00 and he usually catches the end of it for Elmo, then it’s Pinky Dinky Doo at 8:00 and Jack’s Big Music Show at 8:30 and then tv time is over and we get ready and go out. More important is the 6:00pm Max and Ruby or the 6:30pm Yo Gabba Gabba which means that at some point I can make dinner.

Now the balance of my world has been disrupted by Nick Jr’s genius plan to change the schedule. No more Pinky and Jack. Oh nooooo, it’s Oswald the creepy blue octopus and The Fresh Beat Band. And at 6:00, the worst crime, as if Max and Ruby weren’t bad enough, it’s now Wonder Pets! Wonder Pets! (More on the ridiculousness of some of these shows later…)

Why would you do this Nick Jr.? Oh why? Because preschool children just looooove having their schedules changed? Because that would never evoke a breakdown such as “but it’s Jack TIME!!! IT IS JACK TIME!!!!” Did you feel the need to expose more children and parents to the upbeat, dorkified tunes of The Fresh Beat Band? Were not enough people viewing that octopus and his weird little hot-dog-dog (seriously, it has a bun).

Can’t you change it back? CHANGE IT BACK!!!


3 responses

  1. Its funny you mention this because ours changed, too, but its different from yours. Our morning stayed the same (except for the 7-8am Blues Clues which is now some awful show) but we still have Pinky Dinky Doo at 8, followed by Jack. Our evening, changed, too, but we do dinner at 530 so we watch TV before and after (prep and clean up for mommy) so I’m not sure what we have at 6 now. Weird that its not exactly the same everywhere…

  2. THANK YOU!!!! We are freaked out over here in the burbs..WHY would they do this??? What 2 year old wants to watcch Fresh beat Band?? (Why would anyone???)..Ugh..right at dinner time….and the horrific Yo Gabba Gabba!!!!! BRING BACK MAX & RUBY!!!! WHERE”S OLIVIA???? WHERE’S LITTLE BEAR????? Shame in you Nick Jr!!!

  3. This actually made me laugh out loud as I read it! I can hear Brady screaming with such demand that ‘IT IS JACK TIME!!’ haha

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