And the Potty Training Continues…

And it’s going surprisingly well (knock on wood, crossing fingers). We went from half hour, knock-down drag-outs every time he had to go, to a few minutes of arguing before just doing it. From begging for a diaper all the time to refusing to wear one for naps (and staying dry!). From just peeing in the underpants, to calling for the potty if an accident is imminent.

I have to say, I’m kind of shocked that he’s done so well. He uses the travel potty if we’re out at the park and today at the library he used the real toilet like a big boy!

It almost makes me want to cry sometimes. He looks like such a little boy in his underpants and he’s been so mature about the whole thing. (Well, other than the crazy fits, of course.)

I know this isn’t the end and that things will probably get hard again at some point. But at least right now, today, it’s pretty good.


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