Summer’s End

After a HOT, HOT summer, the thought of fall just around the corner is kind of a pleasant one. But that always gets me thinking about winter and that makes me cringe. While I’m more than ready for sweaters and pumpkins, I’m NEVER ready for coats and slush.

I always find myself getting a bit claustrophobic in August. I get what I call “citied out”. Despite easy access to a few parks, including Central Park, the end of summer makes me mourn for the days when a large portion of my summers were spent at my grandmother’s camper catching frogs, running through the fields, toasting marshmallows, and just enjoying the country. I miss all the time I spent in a pool during my childhood, or playing in treehouses. I get sick of the sounds of trucks, backhoes, bulldozers, and jackhammers. I get fed up with the heat of the air combined with the heat of exhausts from buses and building and cars. And the smell! That horrid smell of rotting garbage and old cat litter and gallons and gallons of urine!

Especially because we’ve spent very little time outside of the city this summer, I am getting very overwhelmed by it all. There are tons of wonderful things about summer in the city. But by August 17th most of those are getting old. We just finished a visit from mom, so I’m a bit down today. We had a great time with her and it’s always hard for me to see her leave.

Luckily, the husband decided to take off Friday through Monday and we’re going to get in some beach time!!! Hooray!!! I need some fresh(er) air and less concrete. Hopefully I’ll be a much-refreshed girl next week.

Good thing about summer - Farmer's Market. Brady got a fruit salad for his first ever face painting!

Oh and check out my new header! It only took me about 2 years to take my own picture!

4 responses

  1. You know, if you wanted to, you could buy and forward it to the wordpress address. You can also mask it so all people going to the site see are It doesn’t much.

  2. I’d thought about that, but I think you’re the only person who consistently reads here that I don’t know in real life, so I’m not sure that it’s worth it;)

  3. Ha, that’s funny. I found your site when I was Googling around looking for a movie theater doing a parents with children screening in the Upper East Side. One of your earlier posts. I left the UES to Jersey about 18 months ago, but I still read your site. I like you writing style and your honesty. I hate talking to parents that always portray their kids as walking angles that never have temper tantrums or parents who say that every second they spend with their child is pure joy. It makes me feel like I’m doing something wrong because there are ups and downs in the raising of my son. I have you on my RSS feed, so if you keep writing I’ll keep reading.

  4. Wow, thanks! My goal is to work on my writing and to be honest about parenting, so I guess I’m doing a good job no matter how many people come to my site.
    Too bad you moved away. We could have actually known each other in real life.

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