Kinda Creepy

Although my blog doesn’t get all that many views, I love to look at how many I’ve gotten and where they’ve come from. WordPress shows you referring links as well as searches that have lead people to your blog.

Today I noticed in the searches that “boy in underpants” lead someone to my blog…and I promptly removed all pictures of Brady in underpants. Am I wrong to be totally grossed out by that? Is there an innocent reason that someone could be searching for “boy in underpants”?

Ugh and I won’t even spiral into my other thoughts. I know that when I post pictures of my son on the internet they are out there. They are going to be viewed by people I’ve never known and never will know for reasons I won’t ever hear. And I’m generally ok with that.

I made a decision when I started this blog that I would post pictures of him on here. I had thought of people stealing his pictures to use for commercial purposes (does that actually happen? I mean he IS pretty cute) and people stealing his pictures to pretend he is their son who died a horrible death and gain the sympathy of internet strangers to fulfill some sick need for attention (unfortunately, this HAS happened, just not to me…that I know of). But I never, ever, thought about pervy pervs out there looking!!! Yuck.

One reason is probably that he is a boy. Friends of mine who have girls worry about changing their diapers or swim suits in public (thanks Oprah). And when we’ve spied people taking pics of the kids in the playground, I’ve never been as bothered as the moms of girls seem to be. Although I did ask them to stop. (It happens more often than you’d think here. Tourists don’t seem to understand that their cute NYC scene of kids playing is creepy to the parents of said kids.) I know this is naive of me. I’m perfectly aware that pedophiles are not partial to girls. (Ugh, did I just type the word pedophile???)

Ok, that’s all I have to say on that before I decide never to post another picture…or to let Brady out of our apartment for that matter.

And here’s a picture to replace the ones I had to remove. A perfectly innocent one of Mr. B riding a bee on the bug carousel at the Bronx Zoo. (Please spare me any thoughts of carousel fetishes.)


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