Riding in Cars

This was meant to go up before my last post, but that one sort of took precedence. Anyway…

Two weekends ago the husband decided to take off Friday and Monday so we could have a little vacation. A good friend of mine was renting a house on Fire Island for the week and invited us out for Friday and Saturday so we borrowed my in-laws’ car and had them give the cat her pills and off we went on a mini-vaca.

The beach was wonderful. There were 3 families out on Friday and four on Saturday so Brady had tons of playmates and he could NOT get enough of the waves coming to get him. Just a wonderful 2 days.

But the best part was having a car. I mean, we left it at the ferry lot while we were out on the island, but we had a car from Friday until Monday. It was AMAZING! Just knowing that we could go anywhere we wanted at any time was such a freeing experience.

NYC is wonderful because really you don’t NEED a car. You can get everywhere in the city by subway or bus and taxis are pretty affordable and always available. But, once you have a kid that idea isn’t quite as easy as it once was. Cabs are out, at least for me, because I won’t put the B in a car without a carseat. Subway is great and Brady loves it, but with naps in the equation it limits places you can go.

Right now, I swear, I would give my left arm for a car and a parking spot. It’s not really getting a car that’s a problem, we could handle that, it’s the friggin space. I can’t be switching parking spots every other day for street  cleaning. You need a place to put it and those places are pricey.

But the freedom of the car! I could go to Target – imagine Target! I could go to Costco! Yes, Costco! I could visit my friends in Westchester or my friends in Long Island. Yes the train goes to those places, but not to their doors. And then you have the carseat problem again.

Plus it was FUN riding in the car with my boys. We sang songs and listened to the radio and played games. It was like taking car trips when I was a kid. It was a blast!

Funny that as a 17-year-old high school student I had a car (a very cheap, very used car, but still) when none of my friends did and now that I’m 31, married, and a mother, I’m wishing for a car of my own.

Brady enjoying the car...and telling me not to take his picture.

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