That’s One Sexy…Elmo?

What is THIS?!?

I happen to be a big fan of the “sexy” costume trend. It seems like over the years there have been more and more “sexy” costumes marketed to women: sexy kitty cat, sexy pirate, sexy airline pilot, sexy little bo peep, whatever. I love having an excuse to dress like a slut-bag once a year with no repercussions. You mean I can dress up like a witch with my ass hanging out of my skirt, stripper heels, and knee-high socks and everyone will think this is ok? Sign me up. (And there are always knee-high socks. Somehow knee-high socks or striped tights seem to be a key part of the sexy costume.) Plus those costumes are cute! It’s like exactly what I wanted to be when I was 6, only more whorish.

But sexy Sesame Street?!?! You have got to be kidding me! For one thing, there is no way in HELL that Elmo could ever be sexy. Cookie Monster, maybe, but Elmo, never! Can you imagine that voice, “Can you guess what Elmo’s thinking about today?” Ugh!

And are these girls supposed to be dressed up as these characters or have they killed and skinned them to make the dresses, using their shrunken heads as hair bows?

It’s not as if I think it’ll be damaging to children or anything. I’m not appalled by this as a parent, it’s just, well, creepy. But I guess that’s what Halloween’s all about.


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