You better watch out…

You better not cry. Better not pout. I’m tellin you why. Santa Clause is comin to town!!!

This is the first year that Brady really “gets” Santa. He made (an extensive) list of gifts he wants this year, made me write it down, and repeats it for just about everyone he sees. (Yay consumerism, ugh.)

So I get to do something I’ve been waiting practically my whole life to do…tell someone to watch out or they’ll be on the naughty list!!! Mwahahahaha. I know, I’m an evil mother. But it’s just so much fun to remind my screaming, angry kid that he’d better shape up or Santa won’t be bringing him anything.

Doing Santa doesn’t even seem to be that popular anymore. A lot people feel that it’s lying to their kids and setting them up for future disappointment. The husband and I always knew we would do it with our kids though. I LOVED Santa as a kid and I could never deny my own child that pure, exhilarating excitement of waking up on Christmas morning just knowing he’s been there. There’s nothing like it.

I was afraid we wouldn’t be able to get anywhere to see Santa this year and I was disappointed because this year it would really mean something to Brady. But we went to see the tree at Rockefeller Center last Saturday and when we stopped in a restaurant for lunch, who was waiting by our table but Santa himself.

It was great! Brady told him what he wanted, they hugged, and we took pictures. Totally magical. Plus I got the extra bonus of proving to Brady that Santa can show up anywhere, anytime so he’d better be on his best behavior!

Brady and Santa

And a bonus...Brady's reaction to a sip of seltzer.


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