I’m Back!

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve posted, but I swear I have good excuses. There’s been a lot going on around here.

I took on a huge freelance project that has been consuming my every free moment since before Christmas. It’s awesome to have steady work and to be making good money, but it’s difficult to keep up at times.

The husband left his job and took a new one. It’s been a bit of a transition. I think, overall, that it’s a good thing. But it’s always tough to move to something new.

And finally, I can now reveal, we are expecting baby #2 this August! This is the major reason I hadn’t written in so long. For one, I was totally exhausted and disgusting feeling for almost the whole first 3 months. It made it difficult to do the regular daily things, let alone extra things like coming up with a blog post. For another, it’s really difficult to write about life without talking about the hugest change that’s occurred.

I’m feeling alternately elated, terrified, confused, sad, well everything. But I am pregnant so I guess that’s normal. I’m excited to have another baby and to give Brady a sibling. I’m absolutely terrified to go through the newborn months again. I feel like a lunatic for even contemplating it. I’m sort of sad that Brady won’t be my only baby anymore. It’s hard to fathom loving someone else as much as I love him or splitting my concentration into two. He’s been the center of my world for the last 3 years so it’s difficult to imagine such a huge change.

And then there’s the most horrible part of adding a second child in NYC…apartment hunting. This apartment just simply will not hold another human being so we’re trying to find a bigger place. Of course now this is not only difficult financially and logistically, but now we also have to think about school district. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again (and it won’t be the last time) the NYC DOE is the most confusing, backwards system I have ever encountered. Currently, there is no way to find out what school zone a certain address is in because their search engine doesn’t work properly. Fun stuff.

Well, more to come on the upheaval in the lives of the G family. I just wanted to jump back in before I let the blog die a sad and neglected death.

And a picture of course.

There's a baby in there.


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