Halfway There!

So today marks half of this pregnancy down and half to go. Unless this baby is like Brady and comes 2 weeks early in which case I’m a little over half.

Life is still pretty chaotic here so this is a quick update until things calm down and I can write a real post. Here is a list of important things in my life – which of course you should be oh so interested in.

1. We found an apartment, it’s a block from where we live now, it’s a steal, and moving is a gigantic pain in the ass! I will write a full-on novel about moving in NYC when this is all over.

2. I’m still doing butt loads of freelance work, which is excellent for moving expenses, but not quite so excellent for my mental state.

3. Brady is still pretty damn delighted to be getting a brother – oh right…

4. The baby is a boy and he will never have a name because I was pretty much tapped on boy’s names with Brady.

5. This pregnancy is not quite so peaches and cream as my first. I’ve been sick like 3 times already, I get nose bleeds, my pelvis feels like it’s going to crack in half whenever I do anything that requires me to shift from one foot to the other (i.e. walk) and I still haven’t gotten my 2nd trimester energy and it’s halfway over (that may be due to the first 2 items on this list in addition to having a 3-year-old though).

Oh and my belly is much bigger than it was at this point with Brady. But I do have a cute kid to put in the pictures of it!

So funny!


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