Adventure Time!

No, not that show on Cartoon Network. Although that show kicks ass! I’ll write about it later.

I’m talking about city adventures. Here in the city, any mundane activity can turn into an adventure with kids. Our cable box remote started breaking a few months ago. Finally, we broke down and called Time Warner and ordered a new remote. No problem, right? Wrong. Despite three requests, two of them for overnight delivery, six calls, and three and a half weeks passing, no remote arrived.

So yesterday Brady, Declan, and I set out to go down to the Time Warner office on 23rd St. to obtain a new one. Unfortunately, this is not a matter of just walking or strapping the kids into the car and driving. We took the subway. In general I adore the subway. Even when heavily pregnant I loved taking the subway. I’m fascinated by all the different people, their subway habits, the forced intimacy. Taking the subway with Brady is actually really nice these days. But schlepping a baby on the subway is not always the easiest.

I put Declan in the carrier. I have the old Beco. The one that Ergo sued them for and they can no longer make. But I recommend any of the soft buckle, mai tai type carriers. Bjorns are for men! I brought the Maclaren. We used to have a Volo with Brady, but it broke soon after Declan was born and we upgraded to the Triumph. I’m a fan. It’s still light, but it reclines for napping and smaller babies. I normally make Brady walk as much as possible, but in order to hang the bag on the back of the stroller I had him ride in it.

At the subway I put the backpack on my back, folded up the stroller, and headed down. Getting the folded stroller through the turnstile is a real bitch! Probably my least favorite part of taking the subway. But if we were walking around I wanted to have somewhere to put the bag or one of the kids if Brady or I got tired. It’s hard to get it over the turnstile and then I always have a moment of panic that as I’m fighting with it someone will come by and snatch Brady. Ugh.

Anyway, both kids were awesome on the subway and we got out right by the TW office. After a quick stop at Bath and Body Works to buy fun hand sanitizer, we walked in and it literally took one minute to get a new remote. I fished the old one out of the bag, handed it to the guy at the desk, and he gave me a brand new one. Done!

So then we had lunch in Madison Square Park. One of my fave places since it’s right outside my old office and I’ve spent a lot of time there. I brought pbj for Brady and I and we stopped at a deli for some snacks.

We checked out the Madison Square Park playground. It was a hit with Brady.

Declan tried the slide.

Then D, who hadn’t napped ALL DAY, went back into the carrier and we headed home. He slept as we walked over to the subway entrance and then woke up to make friends with a little girl sitting near us. Overall, a very fun morning. I just wish going places wasn’t so physically taxing! From doing all the steps and pushing Brady with Declan in the carrier my calves are killing me today. Plus we were pretty spent once we got home. Declan took over an hour and a half nap and Brady and I vegetated on the couch.

Oh and when we went down to check the mail, just guess what was there??



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