Maurice Sendak

I know very little about Maurice Sendak as a person, other than the books that he wrote and the fact that he died today at the age of 83. But he touched my life and the lives of the people in my family without my needing to know more than that.

I didn’t read Where the Wild Things Are when I was a kid. My mother thought it was too scary to read to children. But we had Alligators All Around and I absolutely adored the Really Rosie special he did with Carole King. I discovered The Night Kitchen when I was 14 and working in the children’s room of our local library. It was one of the books I decided I had to read before shelving and I’m glad I did.

The husband loved Where the Wild Things Are so he was excited to read it to Brady when he was old enough. It was one of the first books that Brady ever memorized. He would jump to shout “I’ll eat you up!” and “BE STILL” and “…it was still hot.” It was one of my favorite things to read to him because the words were so beautiful. As a parent and as a poet, I really appreciate having something like that to read to my children.

So I wanted to say thank you for all of the wonderful stories Mr. Sendak brought into so many families traditions. He will live on forever in his words. “…and he sailed off through night and day and in out of weeks and almost over a year to where the wild things are.”


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