I Have a Baby Sleep Secret…

and his name is Brady. We recently bit the bullet and decided that we needed to sleep train the baby (or cry him out or torture him or whatever your preferred terminology is.) This is a more difficult task when said baby shares a room with an older sibling. The first two nights we let Brady go to sleep in our bed when we put Declan into his crib so that it wouldn’t disturb him. Declan cried and then we checked him and then he cried and then we checked him and he eventually passed out and we moved Brady back into his bed. But it didn’t work quite as well as when we did it with Brady. Instead of magically sleeping through the night after screaming, he was up earlier wailing for ‘mama’.

The third night when we brought Declan in, Brady said he wanted to stay and that he would ignore him. Declan started screaming, we listened at the door, and then suddenly, quiet. About 15 minutes later, Brady came out to pee. We asked him how the baby quieted down and he said “I went ‘shhh shhhh shhhh shhhh’ for a long time and then ‘boom’ he was out of crying.” It was one of the sweetest, cutest, most amazing things I had ever heard. And then to make it more amazing, the baby slept, nearly the whole night, in his crib. Things have been up and down since. But the nights we get him into his crib awake and Brady shushes him to sleep, he sleeps amazingly well. We like to think it’s because he knows his brother is there to keep him safe. Last night Brady told me he sang him “an extra-long lullaby so he would sleep extra long” and it totally worked!

Next step, getting me to sleep too. I’m still up at all the times the baby normally wakes up. I could really use a solid stretch. Maybe I should get Brady to sing me a lullaby.

Hopefully I haven’t jinxed the whole thing by writing this post. I’ll knock wood now.


What good brothers!


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  1. Can you send him here.. I have a 6 month old that won’t sleep without me so trying to get her to sleep in her crib s a pain.. I can use all the help possible 🙂

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