Big Boy Blues

Brady is just getting so BIG! I don’t know if I can take it. It’s strange to think that I once counted his life in developmental milestones like sitting up, taking steps, saying words and now it’s gone to actual life events. He’s graduated from preschool, gotten his yellow belt in martial arts, gone to camp for a full day all by himself, and sat with rapt attention as I read the entire first book of Harry Potter. He’s gone from a chubby little toddler to a skinny(ish) little boy with thoughts and ideas all his own. While I’m so proud of him for being such a cool and interesting person, I’m also sad to be losing my baby. He rarely asks me to pick him up anymore, can’t fall asleep if I’m laying with him, and needs me for much more than just to feed and love him.
He’s been a bit preoccupied with death recently. Not sure why. I attribute it to his being my child because I remember doing the same things when I was little. I also blame the reading of Harry Potter to some degree. Why do the parents always have to be dead? We’ve had some very intense talks about death, God, what happens when you die, who is and is not dead, and other things I really didn’t expect to have to deal with until he was like, at least 10. It’s a strange new layer to parenting. Brady has always been inquisitive to say the least, but the more mature content of his questions lately reminds me that I am raising a person, not just a kid, and of all the responsibility that goes along with that. Sometimes, in midst of getting healthy food on the table, discipline for incessant whining, brushing teeth, changing diapers, washing clothes, and all of the other things that have to fit into these short 24-hour days, I forget that I’m also charged with putting these people out into the world on their own one day. It makes me at once feel more important and less important in the grand scheme of things.
This was a bit of ramble, I guess Brady put me in that mood with all this talk of mortality. So on to the cute photos…

Yellow belt.

Big kid camper.

Amazing big brother.


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