Advances in Baby Feeding Technology

First I have to admit that I do not make my own baby food. I have made attempts both with Brady and with Declan, but I’ve never been able to keep it up. Between the kids, working, feeding the big people, and keeping the apartment in some sort of order I just don’t have time to be pureeing. Lucky for me baby food has come a looooong way in the last 4 years. When Brady was a baby, I did puree a lot more foods for him, but there weren’t very many options as far as baby food went. There was Gerber, and there was, thankfully, Earth’s Best in the jars. That way I could give him organic foods without spending all my time scraping mush out of the blender.


Now there are a whole host of yummy organic options.


Declan adores the Tyler Florence line of baby food, Sprout, especially the roasted pears. And they now have these super awesome squeezey pouches! No more carrying around little glass jars that leak and break. It took me awhile to be ok with feeding my child out of a pouch and I carried a spoon around and squeezed the food out. Then Declan decided that only Declan can feed Declan. And I handed over the pouch and that was that. Easy peasy lemon squeezey (as Brady likes to say). Holy crap do I adore these things. I would prefer to be home for meals, but with an older child on the go it’s way easier to have something I can bring with us and that I feel is reasonably healthy. And did I mention tasty?? When I’m hungry it’s really hard for me not to eat these myself!

Declan still gets fed with utensils at home and since he’ll be 11 months tomorrow (sigh), he also gets lots and lots of table foods at this point whether we’re home or not. So I’m hopeful he won’t expect food in pouches when he’s in college. Plus he looks so darn cute eating.



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