Family Vacation

Last week we were on vacation. We spent an entire week in Cape May, NJ and it was utterly fabulous. This was the first family vacation that we had taken since Brady was 9 months old, so it was sorely needed. We rented a town house that was part of a motor lodge with my best friend from college and her family. It was the best of both worlds because we got the space we needed, we were able to cook, but we also had the pool at the hotel. My friend has a daughter who is a little younger than Brady and they adore each other so they had a great time actually getting to spend time together. They live in Pittsburgh so it’s usually quick visits here and there when we’re visiting my family.

Beach buds.

It was so amazing to spend so much time together as a family. Brady seemed to grow up before our eyes. He started swimming without his floatie, chewing gum and not swallowing it, and wearing underwear at night (he would kill me if he knew I shared that!). Both boys loved the pool. Brady adored finding shells and digging in the sand and jumping over waves. Declan wasn’t a big fan of the waves, but he was very in love with the sand…digging in it, playing with it, picking it up, eating it.



We went to Sunset Beach to, of course, see the sunset. I think it was Declan’s favorite part of the trip. The beach is covered in small, smooth stones and he adored it! He kept swimming in them! Brady made stone angels. Much more fun than I expected.


Rock angel.

Me, my baby, and the sunset.

Brady loved the arcades and got fairly decent at skeeball by the end. He now has a huge collection of sticky hands, bead necklaces, and plastic army men. We went to the Wildwood boardwalk where Brady got to ride kiddie bumper cars and eat cotton candy and the husband and I got to gawk at the Jersey Shore crowd.

Making friends on the bumper cars.

The only downers were that we forgot ALL of Brady’s clothing aside from his swimsuits. He had packed his own suitcase and it did not make it into the car. It was remedied by a trip to Walmart. And I lost the car key which was a whole debacle which was remedied with the kindness of my father-in-law who drove us the spare key.

Also, the husband and I had an epiphany and we will soon be purchasing a car. More on that later…


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