Holy Crap, We Got a Car!

First of all – where are those breastfeeding stories?!?! Come on! Share with me! Now, on to the real story…

In order to go on our super awesome Cape May vacation, the husband and I had to borrow his parents’ second car. This meant the my mother-in-law drove the car in and parked it in a garage. We had a Groupon for the garage so it was going to be cheaper than usual. We went to pick it up and the attendant said that we did the Groupon wrong and then the husband argued with him for 20 minutes. They split the difference and they went and got the car. THEN we had to put both carseats in and finally be off. By the time all four of us were in the car, we were fairly set on figuring out how to buy a car.

Then I had to go in the back to soothe Declan in traffic and it was absolutely decided. I can barely fit between the booster and big convertible carseat. It’s certainly not safe. This meant that anytime we had to go anywhere in a car, including up to my in-laws’ in the burbs, I would either have to squish it in between the seats or we would have to get a Zipcar. It was becoming impossible to go anywhere. 

When it was just the two of us, we really didn’t need a car. We took cabs when we needed to. We took the train up to the in-laws or out to friends’ in the burbs. The in-laws’ picked us up if we were going out to family get-togethers. With one kid it wasn’t too bad. Cabs were pretty much out, but we could still fit in the car with the in-laws. No more train to the burbs because we would have to schlep the carseat with us. With two kids it was just over. We certainly can’t transport two children and two carseats on the train. We no longer fit in the car with the in-laws. We started getting Zipcar a lot, but then we still had to figure out how to get the car to kids without carrying two carseats around with us. Cabs are out. I know lots of people do it, but I’m just too paranoid. 

Add to that the fact that the husband’s job has moved out to Jersey and we’re solidly in getting-a-car territory. He’s still in New York part time so that also puts us in paying-for-a-garage territory. I just can’t handle alternate side parking twice a week with two small kids. That’s a lot of money! But we crunched the numbers and we can make it work. 

So, off to the dealership we went and we emerged leasing a 2012 Ford Fusion!!! I can’t even describe how excited we are!! The husband has never, ever had his own car. He has always had to ask someone to use the car. I had a beater in high school and college and it was divine. We are no longer going to have to coordinate car borrowing and carseat installation. We can go ANYWHERE we want, ANYTIME we want! The possibilities are mind boggling! Of course we could continue city living without a car. Lots and lots of people do. It is not a necessity. But for me to stay in the city with kids, it’s a big game changer. 

We’ll pick it up next weekend and I think we’ll immediately drive somewhere cool just because we can. 

from newcars.com


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