Breastfeeding Story #1, Jenn

Jenn was nice enough to share her story with us…

My blogging career ended after two kids and a full time job took away my time, but here’s a post that describes my nursing relationship with my oldest.
After making it 19m with Hudson, I naturally knew that I would nurse Hadley for as long as I could. She weaned at 21m. After working out the kinks of nursing with baby #1, I felt like a pro and knew I could do it with baby #2. Despite that, I had rough periods. The difference was that I was never tempted to give up.
I have to say that never once did anyone’s opinion of my nursing get to me. Not people looking at me in public places, not my grandmother telling me that I “need to stop” once Hudson was old enough to ask for it….nothing. I would just urge nursing moms to find the support they need to figure out the mechanics of it (all new moms should have a great lactation consultant). After that, the only thing that matters is you, your husband/partner, and the baby. The three of you decide what is best for your family – no one else.
As I prepare for baby #3, I’m thrilled to start this journey all over again. In addition, I’m excited to share the joy of nursing with my son and daughter now that they are old enough to see how it all works. Maybe that will help us normalize this completely natural process for the next generation.


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