Taking Control

Instead of being jealous of wonderful bloggers who get freshly pressed, I have decided to take control of my own (blogging) destiny. In order to do this I am going to:

  • Participate more in the blogosphere by reading, liking, and commenting on other people’s writing. How can I expect people to read my stuff if I don’t read their stuff?
  • Start doing the Weekly Photo Challenge from WordPress. At the very least it’s an excuse to put up a post. Plus I love looking at others’ photo challenge posts so I should do it too.
  • Put up a post every day for at least a week. When I took a class on media in publishing, our instructor pressed upon us the importance of being fresh and keeping content new. I have not been so good about this.
  • Start throwing in some writing. Maybe make a second page on my blog to feature my creative endeavors. I have to get writing and hopefully this will be motivation.

Any other tips for upping readership? One aspect of writing that I have always struggled with is the need for an audience and the inherent self-confidence that getting that audience takes. It always makes me feel conceited to think that other people would like what I have to give, but without that one cannot be a writer and I need to get over it.


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