Hurricane Parenting With a Dash of Pinkeye

In case you haven’t heard, Hurricane Sexy Sandy is heading toward the east coast of the U.S. Last I checked (which was about 2 seconds ago since we’ve been tuned to weather porn most of the day) she was set to hit us any minute. Being in NYC this storm is BIG NEWS. They shut down the subway. Starbucks is closed. It’s mayhem.

In addition to being building-bound, both of the children decided to come down with pinkeye which also leaves us apartment-bound. Good times. Luckily the urgent care across and the pharmacy across the street stayed open long enough for us to get diagnoses and drops for both of them. Unfortunately, this left us unable to play with any of our building friends and confined to our apartment…ALL…DAY. I know, I know, things could be worse. But being stuck with two whiny, itchy-eyed kids is not my ideal scenario.

So we’ve tried to make the best of it. We’ve read books, we’ve baked cookies, we’ve carved pumpkins, we’ve done writing practice, we’ve watched tv and played on iPads and computers. We had to walk the halls with Declan to get him to nap. We have started drinking beer.

Hopefully tomorrow all pinkness will be gone from all eyes and we can take advantage of living in such a huge building and the wonderful community we’ve built here. We can have some playdates, hang out in the lobby, do something. I will start taking advantage after bedtime tonight when I go to a friend’s apartment to have wine with some of the other moms. I’m going to need it, it’s been a long day.

Let’s hope by tomorrow morning that the worst is over and not too much damage has been done. We’re a little concerned about losing power, which rarely happens in Manhattan. So far, it’s rainy and windy and little else. If you’re in the path of this seriously massive storm, stay safe.


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