Party Post!

I was sidelined by a seriously nasty sinus infection, so I haven’t been posting. Ugh. But I wanted to put up something about Brady’s birthday party because it was so much fun!

This year we decided to do a smaller party in our apartment after school on Brady’s actual birthday. I never know who to invite so early in the school year and I didn’t want to pay a small fortune to entertain a bunch of kids he may not even like. Plus I really, really wanted to do fun decorations and games and it was easier with a smaller group.

I think the result was pretty awesome. We did a Ninjago themed party. (Those are Lego ninjas. You should check out the cartoon, it’s pretty intense. I swear I got teary-eyed when the green ninja was revealed.) Unfortunately, they don’t sell any Ninjago-themed birthday items. So it was up to me, Pinterest, and Etsy…

We had ninja balloons.

Ninja goody bags.

A ninja banner and red lanterns.

A seriously awesome cake made by a woman in my building. Thank you doorman for the tip!

The kids made ninja headbands.

And pinned the beard on Sensei Wu.

And it was a really great party.



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