Making the Best of a Snotty Situation


The older boy is home sick today. Sick kids are just the worst and it’s certainly the time of year for it. It’s just awful because sick children are irritating and inconvenient and also very, very sad. It seems lately that every time one of mine gets healthy, the other gets sick.

I’ve been feeling super overwhelmed with the holiday rush and work and school stuff and just everything, and a trip to Pittsburgh this past weekend for my sister’s baby shower (although it was SO much fun) sort of put the crush on everything even more. So when Brady woke up with obscene amounts of snot and red, crusty eyes this morning, I decided to take advantage.

He’s thankfully not feeling very sick, so the day wasn’t a waste. After being away for 3 days, I was glad to get the time with him. We haven’t had a day like this in a long time. I had almost forgotten what it was like to just lounge about with children without rushing from school to playdate to martial arts to grocery store to work and doing it all over again.

So today we made some very cute ornaments to give Brady’s friends for Christmas.


We baked some cookies, which were red and green sprinkled but not necessarily Christmas-shaped.


We did a little yoga.


And Declan wondered all day why Brady didn’t go to school.


3 responses

  1. Cute! When my son gets sick, and feels sick, he is the most easy going child in the world. Strange. I think sometimes staying home with mom is a greater learning experience than going to school.

  2. I find the same when they’re feeling really sick. I’d say yesterday was one of those better to stay home with mom days. I checked out your blog and love it! I’m following you now. Thanks for the comment.

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