It Was Totally Worth It

Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m fighting an uphill battle (more like a mountain, with rocky terrain) with sweets, both for the kids and myself. There is temptation everywhere. From the bakery windows, to the cookies we baked, to the candy canes hung daily on the tree in our lobby (that honestly deserves its own post). I feel like I’m always saying “no, no, no.” I worry constantly about the kids getting too much sugar: too much juice, too much sugary yogurt, too much sugary milk, too much applesauce. So when it comes to actual sweets, I have a hard time saying yes, and yet I still feel that I do it all too often.

But yesterday, after we went to a siblings tumbling class, Brady asked to stop at Starbucks and get a treat. I figured they just ran themselves silly, so it would be ok. We went in and ordered a snowman cookie (390 calories) and a chocolate chip cookie (370 calories). Brady asked to sit outside and eat, and although it was cold, it seemed like a good idea. So we picked a table, sat down, and opened our treats.

Sitting there, in the chilly air, as the sun set, with my two boys, the buildings around us with their Christmas lights on, chomping on yummy sweets, the Christmas spirit finally came into my heart. Brady declared how delicious each part of his snowman was and Declan got covered in melty chocolate. It was absolutely perfect and it was worth every gram of sugar, every gram of fat, and each and every calorie.

IMG_1876 IMG_1877


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