Resolution Challenge Day 2

ImageResolution #2: I resolve to slow down. 

I don’t mean to have a less busy life or to do things more slowly, I mean this in more of a “stop and smell the roses” kind of way. I want to take the time to enjoy the things I’m experiencing, at least more than I do now. Looking at my earlier post with my year in pictures, really brought this one home. Look at all of the cool things I did last year. Look at those two adorable guys I did so many of those things with. 

I’m a person who tends to get so caught up in what’s going to happen next and how that is going to be accomplished and worrying that it won’t go right or that I won’t have everything ready, etc, etc. I don’t think I can completely change that facet of my personality, but I want to be more mindful of enjoying the moment, noticing the things that are going on around me, and taking them all in.


5 responses

  1. I find having a bell of mindfulness reminds me to stop. Stop and enjoy a breath. Stop the mind racing to the next thought or watching a movie of the past. Anything can be a bell, including a red taillight or a child’s laughter. Wishing you success.

    • What a wonderful idea. Certainly the sounds of my children’s laughter should be a reminder to me to stop and take the moment in. I checked out your blog and it is full of wonderful ideas to remain mindful. Thank you!

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