Resolution Challenge Day 3

Not sure where this is originally from, but found it all over the web. Resolution #3: I resolve to spend more quality time with my husband.

This is one of those things that people tell you before you have kids – “once the baby comes, you need to be sure to make time for yourselves as a couple.” This is much, much easier said than done. Aside from the bigger issue of finding and paying for a babysitter, it’s difficult to make the time that you do get together a good time. It’s tough not to worry about the kids or discuss finances or try really hard to have a fancy date only to realize you’ve run out of time. 

This year I want to try to make more good times with my husband, both with and without the kids. I want to utilize our awesome babysitting co-op more often. I want to find a sitter that we can use so that we don’t always have to rely on the kindness of my in-laws. Most of all, I want to savor the time we get alone, instead of building it up so much that I am surely disappointed or worrying the whole time that Declan won’t eat or won’t go to sleep or Brady will misbehave. This year, I’m going to enjoy my husband more. And yes, maybe I mean that in the naughty way too.


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