Resolution Challenge Day 5


Resolution #5: I resolve to write.

I’m beginning to feel like the underlying theme of my life is wanting to be a writer, but never being able to write. First I had too much schoolwork to really concentrate on writing. Then I was in school for writing and used the excuse that there were just so many other writers, how would my writing ever matter. After that, I worked too many hours to be able to fit it in. Then I was planning a wedding. And then the ultimate excuse came along…motherhood. 

Honestly, I had this delusional idea when I was pregnant with Brady that I could quit working and actually do some writing once the baby came. In reality, I quit working because I couldn’t really afford child care and besides that taking care of a baby is really freakin hard and I couldn’t imagine going to work everyday AND doing all of that. Then, of course, I ended up both working and taking care of the kids and, seriously, when do I have time for writing now?

But you know what? Forget it! I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was about 2 years old and I’m not about to give up now. So this year my goal is modest. Before January 1, 2014 I will write one, good, polished, finish-to-end short story. And I will post it on this blog. This is one I will be keeping, and if I don’t, you can call me on it.


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    • Somehow I feel like attempting to write more may lead to more yelling. Sitting down at the computer always seems to invoke bad behavior from my children 😉 Contradictory resolutions.

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