The Co-op

I wasn’t sure what to do with myself after writing my ten resolutions. I at least had an idea of what to write each day for ten whole days, now I’m back to coming up with totally new ideas. How frightening! I was thinking that I should get back to writing about city living with the kiddos, but wasn’t sure what topic. Tonight I’m babysitting for a neighbor through the babysitting co-op in our building and I figured that was a pretty good thing to talk about, so here we go.

There are a bunch of moms in the building who get together sometimes. My neighbor down the hall invited to me one of the gatherings and after that I suddenly knew ALL these people who are my neighbors. That alone is pretty great. Then, not too long after I started to meet everyone, one of the other women proposed creating a babysitting co-op. We all live in the same building and all have kids and could all use some free kid-care, so it seemed like an excellent idea to me. 

We laid down some basic rules and then some of us got together to hash out the details and ever since we’ve been up and running. Here’s how it works:

– to get a sitter you email the entire group with the date and time, the first person to respond accepting it gets the job

– your children must be in bed (although we know they may not be asleep) when the sitter arrives

– each family started with 10 points, each half hour of sitting costs 2 points to the family being sat for and pays 2 points to the sitter

– we keep track on a Google spreadsheet that we share through Google docs, the sitter must put in the points once they are done with a job

And that’s pretty much how it goes. We’ve used it a bunch of times and it is SO nice. We get to go out and be adults and maybe eat some nice food and have a drink or two and instead of paying someone $20/hr plus dinner and cab fare, we get to have a quick conversation with one of our neighbors and know that our kids are well taken of. I am a huge fan!  


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