Project Optimism: Joining In


Edited to add links to the origin of Project Optimism: The Best Life and Keeping It Real.

I’ve been talking about one of my fave blogs, When Crazy Meets Exhaustion, for awhile now, so if you’re not reading Stephanie yet, you need to start! Last Monday she started doing Project Optimism and I decided to join in this week. Hey, one of my resolutions was to Spread the Love and this is a great way to do it. Plus I seem to do much better with my blog writing if I’ve got a little structure.

You should join in too. Here’s how:

  1. Write about something that makes you feel optimistic. Whatever it is, write from your heart.
  2. Post on MONDAYS. Include “Project Optimism” in your title.
  3. Grab a badge by going to your dashboard and clicking the “IMAGE” widget. Adjust pic size 200h x 200w. The image URL: (
  4. Link over here and invite friends to join in.
  5. Encourage the person who linked up before you. Kindness is contagious!

My piece of optimism today comes in the form of a song, Take a Walk by Passion Pit. The husband and I heard this one in the car on the drive to Pittsburgh for Christmas and immediately downloaded it from iTunes. Seriously, immediately, on the phone, from the car.

This song has been filling my head with happy, although the lyrics aren’t all upbeat. Basically, it says that things can be really horrible and sucky and rough, but then you just take a walk. It reminds me that when things seem awful, take a walk and clear your head, change your perspective and go on.

Here’s a link to the band’s site and a sample of the song. It’s addictive, I swear.


4 responses

  1. Yay! Happy you decided to spread the JOY. The more the merrier! By the way, that song is perfect for boosting one’s mood. Excuse me while I “take a walk!” 🙂

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