The Winter Blahs

This morning I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I looked out my window…oh wait, I can’t, because it’s been sealed in plastic for the last 6 weeks due to the lovely, never-ending terrace work in the building. So…I looked at my phone and saw that it was gray and raining outside. Blah. Then we watched the newest Power Rangers Samurai, only to discover it was the LAST Power Rangers Samurai, which is somewhat of a crisis around here. (Be on the lookout for my post about the evil, child-entertainment, toy-manufacturing overlords.)

So, I calm Brady down over the exit of Jayden and co., and get everyone ready to leave for school, but I can’t find my phone (because Declan had stolen it and hidden it) and then we are late. I HATE being late. HATE IT. After that, I just couldn’t shake the blahs all day. It kept raining, and getting colder, and Declan kept trying to climb things, and then falling, and then crying. As I tried to look up recipes for something new for dinner, Declan took out some of my jewelry (which I never have occasion to wear) from a drawer I did not know he was tall enough to reach and he and the cat proceeded to spread it all around my bedroom. At least they were playing together. 

After school I was moping about my bedroom a bit, looking at Pinterest photos of fancy hairstyles and manicures and being sad that I am no longer 23 (my birthday is next week) when Brady came in and starting playing in my bed and Declan joined him. 



I was halfway through yelling at them for messing up my bed and telling them to stop, to which they looked at me, laughed and went right back to it, when I figured “hey”, if you can’t beat em, join em.


And a good 20 minutes of throwing laughing little boys around the bed helped my mood immensely.



One response

  1. After receiving my paycheck this AM, I was feeling bummed out. Then I read your post and saw the pictures and it warmed me up inside! I love it that you’re writing again!!

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