Project Optimism: Yoga


I have to admit, it was tough to come up with something today. The weekend has been gray and cold and, well, kind of boring. If you’ve read my posts lately, I’ve been kind of in a down mood overall. So I’m going to use this post to BUST OUT!

One of the best ways I’ve found to elevate my mood is through yoga. I am utterly and completely in love with yoga. Yoga and I found each other when I was pregnant with Brady five and a half years ago. I had heard that prenatal yoga was good to stay in shape and prep for labor so I signed up for the class at my gym and after the first session I was hooked. I loved it so much that I actually said to my nurse in between pushes “wow, that prenatal yoga really worked!”

After Brady was born, I struggled with postpartum depression and anxiety and it was really hard to push through. After I went back to therapy and was still having a hard time, the husband worked hard to get me to a yoga class. He came home early and met me outside the gym the take the baby. It was amazing. I came out of the class a better person, I swear.

I was sadly unable to do much yoga for most of my pregnancy with Declan. I had strong contractions that kept sending me to labor and delivery and put me on pelvic rest. I still did the poses I was able to, but I wasn’t able to do any classes. After I was cleared to workout postpartum with him, I was back. A Lululemon opened up near in my neighborhood and as soon as I was able I was at Sun(day) Salutations.

Yoga is my exercise, my meditation, my therapy, my second religion, my me-time. Concentrating on breathing and holding the poses breaks the cycle of anxiety and calms my mind. I revel in being able to do a pose that I’ve worked on for weeks. The feeling of a good ohm, one that sounds like a bell ringing, is unmatched.

I like to lift weights, run, and swim, but yoga is the one physical activity that I just MUST have. No matter how hard it is to drag myself to the mat, it is always, and I mean always, worth it. See, I feel better just writing about it. So there’s my optimism for the day. Yoga, it’s where it’s at.


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