Why I Could Never Live in a Cold Climate

I’m not one to complain about the weather. I like living in a place where it changes. I like the summer mostly hot and the winter mostly cold and I love the fall and spring in-between. But this bitter cold we’re having right now will not do. It will not do AT ALL.

I’m good with the 30’s (Fahrenheit that is) and some nice chilly 20’s are great. But this sustained temperatures in the teens is just too much for me to take. Declan is the exact WRONG age for cold weather. He doesn’t want to wear his hat, he rips off his mittens, and then he cries and his tears freeze on his poor little cheeks. It’s awful. 

I am so grateful to a friend who gave me her old Bugaboo muff this year since her son outgrew the stroller. Thanks to that I can forcibly bind Declan’s hands into the muff so that they are toasty and warm and not able to tear his hat from his head.


Try getting out of this, kid!

I am just so over finding and putting on all of the cold weather accoutrements. Yesterday I couldn’t find my gloves and went to school pickup without. It was 12 degrees. Oh and I later found them, in my hat, which was ON my head! This morning I couldn’t find Brady’s hat and gloves which led to a mad rush to find something warm to put on him and a late school arrival. I can’t take the kids anywhere, because that would require walking, which means being cold, and listening to the baby cry as my hands burn with cold through my gloves.

Oh and we haven’t even had any snow! If it’s going to be frigid, shouldn’t it at least be pretty? I know there are those who love living in cold places and I’m sure there are positives. But NYC in the teens is just brutal and I would like an end please. 



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