Guys, Don’t You Go Doing Lady’s Work Now

So, this is apparently an Anne Taintor so I give her credit but couldn't find it on her site.

So, the husband walks into the kitchen today as I’m cleaning up — he is actually finishing folding the laundry — and says to me, “so did you see that guys who do housework get less sex?” I had, in fact, and seriously who’s bright idea was it to do that study and then put it out there on the internet?

This article showed up on Today Health News. I’ll be up front and tell you that I couldn’t bring myself to read the comments. I’ve already formed my opinion and would rather not see how people are fighting it out on the Today comments online. I’m by no means a man-basher and I don’t generally dispute science, but seriously, did we need this?

My husband and I happen to share all the chores according to who hates them least, who happens to be home, and what absolutely has to be done. It works for us. If we have any problems in the sex-frequency department, I’m going to attribute it to having small children, not getting enough sleep, or having a shit-load of good stuff waiting on the DVR. Seriously, there’s a Justified just sitting there begging to be watched.

In today’s world of mommy wars and gender wars and high divorce rates and everyone talking about all of these things non-stop on the internet (fully aware that I am doing this right now), did we really need to publish an article telling men that they will get laid more if they don’t help out around the house?

While they get one anecdote from some couple who seem pretty into the vacuum cleaner, they don’t actually talk about the study very much. One of the co-authors attributes it to what we “find sexy” but they didn’t look at this in the study. In fact, it wasn’t a new study, but rather used old (nearly 20 years) data to look at these behavior patterns. While there is a correlation between more frequent sex and doing “his chores”, this doesn’t mean that one causes the other. Maybe men who don’t help around the house are more demanding in the sex department, or their wives are more submissive. Maybe couples with a more gender-traditional delineation of chores also have different hormone levels? Maybe they don’t have small children sucking all of their energy day in and day out? Who knows? Honestly, I’d really rather not.

I don’t pretend to be a researcher of any kind and I certainly don’t have much knowledge, outside of myself and my circle of friends, on how the husband helping around the house helps out in the bedroom. But I still maintain that we could have done without this one. I like my man helping. Maybe those of us who feel that way should up the sex just to prove this one wrong 😉


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