Ahhh, Kids…

Just some highlights from my week.

The tire on the Bugaboo blew out and I couldn’t transport Declan and the broken stroller to the bike shop by myself so I had to use the little stroller all week. That’s actually not so bad. But finding the blown-out tire on the way out the door to school on Monday morning was the start this week really needed.

I have had to rescue a naked Declan from the dining room table (and back of the couch, and windowsill) several (many, many) times. Well, he usually has socks on. He has decided that he must be nude, all the time. He takes off his clothes and then his diaper and then calls me “Mommeeeeee, mommmmmeeeeee??? PEEPEE! HA!” He also figured out how to pull out a chair and climb onto it and then onto the table. Fun stuff. Makes things like cooking, or say, peeing, a little difficult when I’m worried about my toddler taking a naked header off the table onto the bare wood floor at any moment. This is how they learn, right?

Last night, and this is my favorite, Brady was angry at me because I wouldn’t let him go – at dinner time – down to his friend’s apartment. So this is his solution:

“Mommy, you know how Grandma’s job is to find kids better families?” (My mother is a county caseworker in adoption.)


“Well, I’m gonna call her up cause I want her to do that for me!”

I seriously just cracked up. I couldn’t stop laughing. Brady actually started laughing too. We were eating hotdogs and I always write a letter on his hotdog with ketchup. I asked him if he thought his new family would do that and he started to rethink.

So I’m about ready for the weekend, and the alleged snowpocalypse. I just braved the grocery store and it was less than pleasant so I hope the snow comes and we can enjoy the bounty I got.

How’s your week been? 


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