Reading and Random


I’ve had a hard time coming up with a post this week. I got another lovely sinus infection, started a new project at work, and am trying desperately to finish A Storm of Swords before the third season of Game of Thrones starts. 

The husband read the first four books before the series started and the fifth when it came out. He devours books when he gets into them. He reads much, much faster than I do and somehow is able to just make it happen. I have a lot of trouble fitting it in. I’ve been reading this book for months and still I’m not sure if I’ll finish in time. 

Reading has always been important to me. Since I was able to I couldn’t get enough. I was a regular at the local library and my first job was working as a page there. I love watching Brady put the pieces together as he learns to read and I can’t wait until he unlocks the magic of reading to himself. 

Since I’ve become a mom, I find it really, really difficult to be able to read. When Brady was tiny I would read while I nursed him, but as he got older it got harder and harder. I always feel guilty taking any time to pick up a book for myself with the kids around. I read to them all the time, but sometimes I wonder if I’m doing them a disservice by not showing them how much I love it. 

For now, my blog will suffer as I find out the fates of Tyrion, Jon Snow, and the Kaleesi before I see what HBO will do with this one. 

Do you love to read? How do you find the time?


4 responses

  1. Yes, yes, and YES! I do most definitely love to read but similar to you, since my kids have been about 2 there just never seems to be any time for it! Now I’ve also got the added excuse of school and the large amounts of textbook & research readings I’m required to do. About a month ago my 7 year old asked me why I get so excited about what books she is reading or reading with them but I never read my own books. I was shocked & impressed by how observant she is and a little frustrated with myself. It is exactly what your questioning and, if your kids are anything like mine, yes they will notice!! I’ve made it a priority now for myself! Last weekend while my son played quietly in his room, my daughter (7) and I had Mommy-Daughter reading time on the couch. There were cozy blankets and great books and although it only lasted about 45 minutes it was definitely a start!

  2. I love to read, but ever since I started this blog, I find myself writing more than reading. And I can definitely tell that my writing and ideas are “stunted.” The English teacher in me will preach this until the day I die: the more we read, the smarter we are!!!!! 🙂

    • It’s true! My favorite writing professor in college drilled it into me that in order to be a good writer we must also be good readers. But how in the world are we supposed to fit that all in now? As a senior in college I certainly didn’t have any idea what it would be like to juggle two kids, a job, a blog, a husband, and everything else!

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