Finding My Blogidentity


Over the years, just like everyone else, I’ve had to modify just what I think of as my identity. Going from high school student to college student, from living with my parents to living with roommates to living with my (now) husband, from professional to stay-at-home mom to a mix of the two. The details of who we are always change, but at the core of it we are still ourselves; we lend our unique personalities to each role we are given.

This is getting a bit too philosophical. What I really want to talk about is finding who I am as a blogger. I don’t think I’ve done a very good job of focusing my writing or finding an audience. Maybe I never will. This is certainly a mom or parenting blog at the very heart. It is the overwhelming center of my life and everything I do is, in some way, related to raising my children.

I set out to write about parenting in New York City, but I’ve gotten away from that. I’d like to come back to it with a weekly post just about something in the city. Recently, I’ve connected with a group of bloggers, mostly mothers, with whom I feel I really connect. It’s led me to want to do a better job of writing the things that I want to write and that others want to read. But what IS that? I’m not really a snarky writer, although I do get snarky at times. I don’t have any particular stance on parenting other than “do what makes your family work best.” I write about the kids, the city, yoga, religion, personal growth, anxiety and therapy, news items, and other random things along the way. I shy away from controversial subjects, especially politics, although sometimes they make feel like I could write for hours.

While I like to tell myself that I write to write or that I write for myself or that I just like to get it out, I really do wish that I had a bigger audience. I try not to let it, but those stats get me down a lot of days. I find myself getting jealous when the other bloggers I read get multitudes of comments and likes. Yet the people who do like and comment on my posts mean so much to me. Sometimes I can’t believe that anyone would drop by to read what I’ve written, let alone people who are such great writers themselves.

So what’s my blogidentity? Am I am mommy-blogger or a city-blogger or a random-blogger? Why do you read my stuff? Is there something you would like to see more of? Less of? None of?


11 responses

  1. Maybe just a blogger, with no need to define your blog, unless you’re listening to the “experts”. I have run up against this same issue repeatedly. I like to write about a wide variety of subjects – mostly what hits me in the moment. Maybe it doesn’t need to be defined – just well-written and enjoyable to read.

    • Ugh, I replied to this the other day and I guess it didn’t go through. That’s what I get for replying on my phone. Thanks and I do think you’re right. I think the Daily Post gets in my head sometimes. Plus I started this blog years ago for a class I took on technology in publishing and I can’t help but hear my instructor’s advice about focus, and post frequency, and SEO in the back of my head sometimes.

  2. I was just having similar thoughts myself…how some people have 2, 356 people like their posts…I have no idea how this works…but maybe just the right people need to read what you write…blowing over to corny…’if it makes a difference for just one person…’ and it for sure does 🙂

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