Project Optimism: Jam It Out!

My plan for today’s Project Optimism was to share this story from The Times Opinionator. I’m doing it anyway because it just makes me smile for miles and I think everyone should read it. 

But today’s been tough. (Wait, don’t I do this every Monday?) Anyway, on the way to work the husband was behind a truck that rained down rocks on the hood and windshield of our car, scratching it all up. It’s a lease so it’ll is cost us down the road. Ugh. I had an argument with my mother-in-law, which is one of my least favorite things to do in this universe. Ugh. Then I’ve spent the afternoon hiding in my room trying to edit web quizzes on aging while my children alternately scream outside my door or burst in and demand things from me. My mil is with them, so I’m not abandoning them to work or neglecting them and they should be otherwise occupied. Ugh.

So, as I’m sitting here editing questions on how horrible aging is, learning all about wrinkles and loss of agility and brain slowdown and menopause, I decided to enjoy it. I put in my headphones (mostly to drown out the screaming children) and put on one of my all-time favorite albums, Counting Crows August and Everything After. Now I am spinning in my chair and mouthing the words and generally jamming out as quietly as possible (so as not to alert the aforementioned screaming children.)


This album came out when I was 14 and a freshman in high school. Since then it has periodically been the background music to my life. It takes me back to doing trigonometry homework in my room with incense burning, to writing short stories in my journal, to pining over boys on the swim team who will never notice me. It transports me to my college apartment, to writing research papers at 2am, to coding web pages in the computer cluster in Baker Hall, to driving my roommate’s car through the park after dropping her at class. It puts me at the Ikea computer desk in our first NYC apartment, to working out at the gym heavily pregnant with Brady, to doing homework for my certificate classes at NYU. 

Somehow this album has wrapped itself around so much of my life. It’s weaved it’s way into so many of my memories and placed itself into all the places I’ve been. I forget sometimes and then, on days like today, I’ll listen and go back and sing along and feel better, feel calm, feel energized, feel hopeful. 

Thanks, Counting Crows, for joining me along the way. 


You should join in on the happiness. Here’s how:

  1. Write about something that makes you feel optimistic. Whatever it is, write from your heart.
  2. Post on MONDAYS. Include “Project Optimism” in your title.
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  5. Encourage the person who linked up before you. Kindness is contagious!



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