My Contribution to NPM

That would be National Poetry Month which has apparently existed since 1996 and yet somehow I never heard of it until this year, despite having a degree in Creative Writing for which I did my thesis in Poetry. Hmm.

Anyway, I have not been doing a good job at (by which I mean I have not been doing anything at all) my resolution #5. In fact, I haven’t written one creative word since I posted that. Fear is holding me back. Fear of trying to write and not being able to. Fear of rejection. Fear of criticism. Fear of failure.

The husband emailed me about this NYC poetry tweet contest and I have decided that I’m going to put some creative words out there. If I can’t tweet a few fancy words then I’m really no writer at all. So watch out for some twitter poetry from me in the next few days. It’s coming.

**My husband was kind enough to point out the error I made in the the title of this post (it said NMP instead of NPM in case you missed it) and it has been corrected. And I call myself an editor. For shame.

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