Project Optimism: A Perfect Day

There are times when I think that having kids is no fun. That life is all hard work and exhaustion and I can’t do anything cool anymore. Then I have a day like this past Saturday that reminds me that my life is nothing short of absolutely perfect…at least some of the time.

This Saturday started out with my sleeping in (Saturday is my day to sleep in. Parents, there is NO NEED for both of you to get up with the kids if no one is going to work. The husband and I used to do that. We were dumb. Now we take turns.) It was Brady’s first session of soccer so he and the husband headed down to the south end of Central Park for that adventure. He was so firggin adorable in his shinguards that almost made my day right there.



Declan and I headed out to get a gift for our friend who was having a 2nd bday party later in the day. We spent a little time at the bookstore, picked up a present, and then had a lunch date at Chipotle. Pretty sweet. Then we met the other boys back at home to regroup.

After a post-soccer cleanup and rest we all headed down to the Central Park Carousel for the party. On the way we bought some cool magnets, heard a few different types of live music, saw the biggest bubbles I’ve ever seen in my life, and met up with some other party-goers.

The carousel is right near some big rocks that the kids treated like a jungle gym for hours. They showed off their mountain-climbing skills and tired themselves out before enjoying some fantastic homemade red velvet cupcakes and then taking a ride on the carousel (which, btw, terrified Declan, which I found sort of hilarious, poor guy). 


ImageThen we ambled home through the park and stopped at a neighborhood place that doesn’t mind loud, messy kids and serves beer for dinner. After that it was just baths and bed and the perfect day was locked in. Yes I was exhausted, but it was a good exhausted. The kind of exhausted that reminds you of what a great time you had and assures you a good night’s sleep. So my family kind of totally rocks and everything is NOT always hard work and I definitely still get to do cool things. Oh and living in NYC is pretty awesome sometimes too. How’s that for some optimism?


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