Project Optimism: The Percy Cat


I’ve been saying I would post the story of our current cat, Percival Pickering S. G., for awhile now. His story has a happy ending (living with us, of course) so I thought, hey why not make it an optimism post. 

I suppose the story of Percy, really begins with the story of Lola, our first cat, whom we lost to lymphoma the month before Declan was born. We knew we would get another cat, but with a new baby it just wasn’t possible right away. So 14 months later we were finally ready and began looking for a kitten to adopt. I contacted a local rescue and they matched us with a kitten, but the lady was nutso and we ended up never meeting him. So the next week we went to our neighborhood Petco where a rescue has an adoption event every Saturday. 

There we met a sort of grumpy 6-month-old, marmalade-colored kitten named Carmello. Brady loved him, the husband has an affinity for sad-looking animals, and I was just ready for a new pet. We learned that he had been found on the street in Brooklyn and turned in to animal control, where he was placed on the euthanize list. We filled out an application and were approved that week. I got an email from his foster that he would be neutered that Friday and we could pick him up on Saturday. Friday she emailed me to tell me there were complications (undescended testicles, fun) and that he had surgery, but should be fine. We still picked him up the next day.

When we took him, the foster handed over pain meds and antibiotics and said he should be fine. I asked if he shouldn’t have a cone and she said the vet told her he didn’t need one. I was used to giving cats pills so I felt ok with it. He was rechristened Percy and he was ours. 

Things were good. He was nice to the kids. He laid with me on the couch. He liked crinkle balls. But two days later, things were decidedly not good. He wasn’t eating. He wasn’t playing. He wasn’t really moving. I knew something was really wrong. So I called my vet. But they wouldn’t see him. So I called the vet who had done his surgery. But they wouldn’t see him. So I got really pissed and I called the husband, who came home from work so that I could take him to the emergency vet. 

They were absolutely wonderful. They saw him right away, did an exam and found that one of his incisions had become infected. The nurse and the vet there told me that he should have had a collar and that licking the incision most likely caused the infection. They did emergency surgery and cleared an abscess. They put him on the right antibiotics and put a cone on him. They charged me a reasonable (although still seriously high) amount for everything. They kept in touch via email and saw him twice more, free-of-charge, to be sure everything was fine and remove the stitches. 

Poor, poor Percy has been saved many times in his short little cat life. He was saved from the mean streets of Brooklyn, rescued from the kill list, taken home by us, and then brought back from the brink of death by a trip to the ER.

He is now a permanent pain-in-the-ass around here, and I say that lovingly. I think. He is the messiest eater I have ever come across in my life. He routinely finds loud things to play with at 3am. He sweeps all the items from my dresser when it fancies him. We have given him the catch phrase, “Percy, you’re the worst.” But he also sleeps on my feet at night and lets Declan torture him with no repercussions and for some reason has to stalk Brady and attack him any time he is naked (which is HI-larious), and he lies by my laptop while I write my blog posts. Plus he’s pretty darn cute. It hasn’t been easy and it certainly hasn’t been cheap, but he’s become a part of the family.




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