Project Optimism: Today Was a Good Day

Usually I have trouble scrounging up some happy on Monday. Not so today. Today was a pretty damn good day. It started out with Brady’s school performance. Most of the year a group came in from the Y to teach the kindergartners dance on Mondays. Today was the end of the program and each class put on a little show for the parents. It was about 15 minutes long and it was much cooler than I had expected!

They did sort of an interpretive Very Hungry Caterpillar where they showed off all of the things they learned all year. It beyond adorable to watch them all, in their hand decorated, caterpillar and butterfly headbands, dancing around on stage. This was the first “performance” of any kind we’ve gotten to see since they did do that sort of thing at B’s preschool. I was thrilled!


Brady the butterfly

Because of the performance, and his very, very long commute, the husband worked from home today which was a special treat. Aside from him not having to leave the house at the crack of dawn and return a little after we start dinner, I happen to love him and like having him around, even if he is on conference calls.

Today was Brady’s dental checkup so I picked him up a little early from school and the two of us hopped on the bus down to get his teeth cleaned up and looked at. I love having a little one-on-one time with my big boy and he loves the dentist. His teeth were perfect and we got to walk and talk and hang out together for a little bit. Then we headed to a playdate at a friend’s place where I got to sit and talk a little instead of chasing Declan around trying to keep him from hurting himself.

When Brady and I got home to find the husband and Declan laughing hysterically as they built and then knocked down block towers, we decided to abandon cooking and try a new burger place in our neighborhood. It’s called BurgerFi and it has all of our requirements for a good place: yummy food, kids encouraged, good beer. Yes!

We rounded it all out by watching a new episode of Adventure Time. One of our favorite family activities. All in all a pretty good start to the week. So, apologies for the fairly mundane rundown of my Monday, but since the start of the week is usually boring at best, I figured I’d better document this one.

FYI – Formatting issues on this post are threatening to ruin my happy mood, so if it looks weird, it’s just what you’re getting. I’m giving up before I get angry.




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