Project Optimism: The Ponytail!

It’s the little things people…the little things. And my ponytail may be a little thing, but I am loving it. You may remember me ranting a bit about Zooey Deschanel awhile ago. Well, I am still on the path to long locks. I have not yet given up and chopped it all off. My patience and efforts have been paying off, because I can once again rock a ponytail! 

Now instead of pushing my hair behind my ears 8 billion times each yoga class (Seriously, how do people work out with their hair down? Drives me bonkers!) I can put it back in a fairly secure, teensy, tinsy ponytail. Woohoo!! This means the growing project will get easier because I can just pull it back and forget it while it does it’s thing instead of getting it trimmed all the time so I don’t look bedraggled everyday.

This is happening. I’m sure once my hair has reached my desired length, I will get fed up and cut it again, but it’s a project that I am intent on seeing through. And that is my happiness on this chilly, Spring Monday. Enjoy.



6 responses

  1. Yay! Reason to HAPPY indeed. Plus, I’m thrilled to finally put a face to the name. You’re adorable and so is that pony tail of yours. Keep rockin’ it mama! 🙂

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