Daily Prompt: Landscape

I’ve never done any Daily Prompt posts before, but I’ve been having trouble with writing motivation and this one seemed to call to me so here it goes.

When you gaze out your window — real or figurative — do you see the forest first, or the trees?


 This is anxiety…

I look out the window and see the forest before me; lush, green, leaves upon leaves as far as I can see. It’s beautiful, peaceful, inviting. But there are an awful lot of trees. Everywhere I look, trees. What kind of trees are they anyway? How far do they go? What could be on the other side? If I went out into the forest, what would happen to me? Would I get lost? I’m sure I’d get lost. Would I be able to survive? I can’t make a fire! How would I survive without fire? I would definitely NOT survive. I would be eaten by a rabid bear before nightfall.



The forest is beautiful, peaceful, inviting. I CAN think of the forest without seeing all those damn trees. I can imagine walking the paths and hearing the birds. I can smell the flowers and the earth and the rain from the night before. Could it be muddy? It’s probably muddy. Should I wear boots? I might get too hot if I wear boots. I could wear shorts and boots. But if I wear shorts will my legs get scratched up, will I get poison ivy? The scratches and the poison ivy could get infected and then I’ll need to call the doctor. I HATE calling the doctor! What if they find something else wrong with me? What if I have cancer? What if I’m dying?



The forest is beautiful, peaceful, inviting. The other things do not matter. I can go for a walk and not get lost and wear boots or not wear boots and wear shorts or not wear shorts and the end result will NOT be my death. My death by walk in the forest is highly unlikely. I just need to breathe. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Look at the trees. Why are there so many damn trees?

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