Project Optimism: Finding the Good

So I was able to pull myself up out of the funk today (despite a teensy bit of a hangover from date night last night) and enjoy it. We went to a very lovely birthday party for one of Brady’s friends in Central Park and the weather was perfect. This kids played soccer and dug in the dirt and found worms and climbed trees. After that we came home and rested up.

Then B and I headed out with his bike. We made it to the park without crashing into anyone (yay) and then he rode around a bit in a nice big flat area. As I watched him riding and singing to himself I felt so at peace. It felt almost like a vacation. It was late afternoon and we were sort of tired from a long day. The temperature was still warm, but cooling. There as a gentle breeze and the air smelled like sunshine and grass. Eric and Declan walked down and met us and we all walked home together and then grilled hotdogs for dinner. A pretty nice Monday evening.

Then once the exhausted kiddos were in bed, the husband and I watched the first new episode of Arrested Development on Netflix. It’s still awesome. Hooray.


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  1. Beautiful photos as usual, Danielle! By the way, I didn’t know you lived close to Central Park. My husband and I visited New York sans kids and we fell in love with the city!

    • Somehow I missed this comment, so sorry. We live about a 5-10 min walk from Central Park depending on who is walking with us and how much stuff is in the stroller 😉 Sadly, we still don’t get there as often as I’d like. Glad you enjoyed your time here.

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